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jean elle is live, where people have been camping out since monday. >> reporter: these are some die-hard bargain-hunters. these are people putting up with the rain and the cold, all in the name of getting deep discounts. others say it's time for retailers to curb their hours and give thanksgiving back. >> they have the kinect with the x-box going on with the 200. that's a deal in itself. they have a 40-inch toshiba in there for $179. that's also a deal in there. >> reporter: black friday people have people camping out at best buy. jerry cooper's family is first in line. it will save some money. best buy is technically close on thanksgiving, but opens at midnight. the great mall many milpitas, opens at 10:00 a.m. on thanksgiving. some say it's too much. >> at 12:01, it's too early to
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be opening for a business day. i understand about the sales and everything. but at least give the people some sleep. you know? let people have time to be with their families for at least a whole day. >> reporter: 21-year-old herbert isn't the only one beating that drum, with stores like target, old navy and walmart opening on thanksgiving day, some have consumers pushes back. protesters marched inside walmart in oakland today. they say the retail giant is forcing employees to work the holiday. and they want it back. an online petition asking target to close on thanksgiving, has more than 300,000 signatures. shoppers snapping up preblack friday discounts seem to agree. >> it's ridiculous. >> reporter: some workers will see family. but won't be getting much sleep.
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>> i'll be going to work at 1:00 a.m. >> reporter: like it or not, shopping is a thanksgiving tradition. there's about 150 people many line here. best buy is prepared for this line to expand before the midnight opening. a developing story out of oakland, tonight, that's been impacting hundreds of drivers. lanes are now all-open on westbound 580. but they were shut down for a substantial amount of time after reports of gunfire near the seminary exit. take a good look at the map we're showing you. it's near mills college. rite now, we understand there's two crime scenes. one along the highway. and a second on hilton street. are the two incidents connected at this point? it's unclear. we'll continue to get information and bring it to you as we receive it. from commercial to community. a well-known bay area church is
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asking all of us not to forget the homeless this thanksgiving. workers have been preparing all week to prepare hundreds of turkeys and thanksgiving trimmings for people who might go hungry tomorrow. cheryl hurd with one family who is helping feed people for a decade. and she was a legend, cheryl. >> reporter: yes, she was, indeed. i met the family tonight. and this is a family that's truly stepping up to the plate. they're stepping up to the plate for the city of oakland. >> how are you guys doing? back again. >> reporter: brad morris is on a mission tonight. >> much love. >> reporter: his mission is to pick up as many turkeys as he can before thanksgiving day. >> my delivery truck. my mom, she cooks about five. i cooked about five so far. have one in the oven right, i have to check on. >> reporter: his mission
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involves the community. >> we all come together as a community and try to help, extend that hand to people who are in need. >> reporter: fred morris is the glue holding the mission together, to feed the hungry on thanksgiving in oakland. but he can't do it alone. it's a family affair. >> my family will cook a big meal every thanksgiving. you know, let's just do it for the neighborhood. >> reporter: five years ago, morris, his mother, god mother and aunt used their own money to feed about 200 people. this year, they expect to feed about 500. >> we can't stop now because it's an ongoing thing. every year, we have to do this for the people and for the community. >> reporter: the community was left with a void when mother wright passed away after feeding the less fortunate at thanksgiving for decades in oakland. the morris family is filling that void. >> it's people that have lost their jobs. people that have children and
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stuff. well, i didn't ever really think i would be in this line. but they're in that line now. >> we get folks from all walks of life. it's great to show love and to give a little love to the community. >> reporter: the morris family will be at the rainbow recreation center tomorrow between 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. and everyone is welcome until the food lasts. >> thank you, cheryl. it is now thursday in the middle east. and after eight days of fighting and destruction, residents in gaza city and tel aviv are waking up to a peaceful morning. a cease-fire was announced today between hamas and israel. live pictures of gaza city. it's a little after 9:00 a.m. they're recovering from 1,500 israeli air strikes while hamas fired over 1,000 rockets towards israel. 100 palestinians and 5 israelis
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were reportedly killed. and this was the scene earlier today. thousands of people in gaza took to the streets to celebrate the cease-fire. they see it as a political victory. secretary of state hillary clinton helped broker this agreement. experts point out this is a cease-fire and not a peace deal. >> it's a creative way to at least, you know, stop the firing. but it doesn't necessarily solve the larger issue. >> people of this region deserve the chance to live free from fear and violence. and today's agreement is a step in the right direction. that we should build on. >> prime minister benjamin netanyahu says if the truce does not hold, israel would consider more severe military action against the palestinian territory. here at home, the lawyer of the man charged in a deadly crime spree says his client is remorseful. jonathan willbanks barely raised
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his head today in court. in an exclusive interview, his younger brother says his family is stunned and feels deep sympathy for the victim's family. >> we need to unite and donate to the family. i don't know why this stuff happens. but that's the only way to make the situation better right now. >> his brother could face the death penalty. police are still looking for a second suspect in the string of armed robberies that proceeded the deadly shooting. the police union and the city are offering a $25,000 reward for capture and conviction of the second suspect. san jose police looking for a hit-and-run driver today. two cars hit a pedestrian that was jaywalking after 6:00 a.m. the first driver, in a dark-colored sedan hit the man and sped off. the driver of a minivan that also hit the pedestrian stopped and is cooperating with police. in san francisco, a rush
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hour mess tonight. simultaneous accidents causing a lot of confusion. just after 5:00 p.m., a driver hit a pedestrian. 30 seconds later, an explosion in a manhole, blowing its lid. all of this happening south of market, on howard street between 9th and 11th. the underground explosion is linked to electrical wiring connected to the city's med troe system. the pedestrian hit by the driver remains in critical condition. an apology for the widow of steve jobs for the alameda man who violated her home and her heart, when he stole thousands of jewelry and electronics and her late husband's wallet. he wrote an apology from jail, saying he didn't mean to cause her more pain. the man who is responsible for a string of ritzy burglaries has had his troubles, too. george joins us live. >> reporter: tonight, at the district attorney's office says the apology is sincere.
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mcfarlane will still be punished for his actions. kareem mcfarlane admits he is guilty of breaking into steve jobs palo alto judge. he sent an apology letter to his widow. >> wrote a letter of apology to mrs. jobs for taking her things. he made a statement, that if he had known it was mr. jobs home or her home, he would have an voided that. at the time, he didn't realize that. after he took the property, of course, he ended up with steve's wallet and driver's license. >> he pled guilty to everything in the complaint. >> reporter: that includes stealing an ipad, iphone, imac, mac book, bottle of crystal champagne, and one tiffany necklace from the jobs' home. he admitted to several burglaries around the bay area. but it was an apple gadget he
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stole from the jobs home that helped track him down. >> the amount he will get will depend on a lot of factors the judge will take into consideration. including early acceptance of responsibility. >> reporter: he read the apology letter and believes it's sincere. >> i think so. i think he made a terrible mistake. and he affected a lot of people. he has to pay for what he did. >> reporter: now, kareem mcfarlane's sentencing will be on january 17. we'll see if his apology letter will have any affect on his punishment. late tonight, big news coming out from 49ers headquarters. reportedly, the quarterback controversy has been settled. alex smith is out. jim harbaugh told smith that colin will start against the saints. smith has been out with a concussion. but reportedly, this decision has nothing to do with his help
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and everything to do with the second-year quarterback. he had a sizzling performance on monday night. we'll have more on the story later in the newscast. coming up, the bay area man killed in action receives a special award. >> he was proud of the work he was doing. but he didn't try to use it for his own gain or advantage or anything. >> tonight, his family remembers his life-changing work in afghanistan. then, the mammogram debate re-igni re-ignited. and good evening. i'm jeff raineri in the weather center. we're tracking that holiday forecast. here's a start for you. temperatures going to be a lot colder tomorrow morning than we've been used to.
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a new study is stirring debate about the study of mammograms. it says 1 million women who received mammograms over the past three decades were diagnosed with early stage breast cancer. but only a small percentage of those diagnosed with cancer needed treatment to save their lives. and therefore, were overtreated. the american cancer society says the findings should be viewed with caution. the cancer society stands by its recommendation for women to have annual mammograms at the age of
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40. doctors say it's time to let women have access to birth control without a prescription. the american college of obstetricians and gynecologists says selling the pills over the counter is safe. citing no reason the pill shouldn't be sold just like a condom. the fda has been meeting with drug companies to discuss the possibility. but a lot of questions remain. the apple spaceship will be landing in cupertino a little later than expected. apple says the futuristic headquarters won't be finished until 2016. apple and the city of cupertino say there's probably going to be delays in the upcoming environmental impact report. which means the 176-acre campus won't break ground until 2014. the plan was to break ground next year. about 12,000 apple employees will be working in what's being called apple campus 2. a santa clara county judge will have a bittersweet
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thanksgiving tomorrow night, as he sits at the table knowing his son will never share the table with him again. his son was killed over the summer. while his death has left a void, the judge will give thanks tomorrow for the mark his son made and the special honor he'll soon receive. george kier yriyama sat down wi the grieving father. >> reporter: there's not a single day that goes by that he doesn't think about his soldier son. >> we miss him every day. >> reporter: the captain and two others were shot in august. three months after his death, he can being honored with a distinguished service award, normally only awarded to judges. >> we're very honored that matt is being recognized for his work. but matt would not have any part of it because he didn't like recognition. he didn't like attention. >> reporter: a marine who didn't
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like attention. but a man who wanted to make a difference in afghanistan and iraq. his family learned afghan villagers who he had helped were devastated when they heard of his death. >> we were told after he and his colleagues were killed, they were apologetic. they came to the marine base and cried. >> reporter: he taught villagers how to mediate disputes and lay a legal foundation for the people. the judicial of california praised the reen for great advancements and stabilizing in the area. >> he was proud of the work he was doing. but he didn't try to use it for his own gain or advantage or anything. he was proud to be a marine. and proud to serve the country. >> reporter: proud but humble. the judge says his son wouldn't have it any other way. >> and the award is made to
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matthew. but it's in recognition for everything that all the military has done in afghanistan. >> he will receive the award in december. let's bring in jeff raineri as he head into thanksgiving. things looking good so far. >> the storm system has moved off to the east. we're not finding any rain drop on the bay area roads at the current moment. that's the good news. here's something you may not like too much. it is november. it's getting close to the holidays. with the storm clearing out, we have areas of clearing across the bay area in the north bay. that's where temperatures are dropping the coldest. 44 in santa rosa. 45 in napa. likely some 30s. we'll pinpoint that later on. and numbers dropping in sunnyvale to 47 and 48 in cupertino. you can see in san jose, we do have a little bit of cloud cover we're tracking. but nothing anything in terms of major clouds moving in.
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and no fog here in san francisco, from the mountains toward the bay bridge. let's get you back for the forecast. here's what we can expect tomorrow morning. cloud cover up the coastline. and mid and high-level cloud cover from the east and south bay. through 11:00 a.m., that cloud cover pushes back and will get in on areas of sunshine. not only for the noon hour. but also into the afternoon on thanksgiving. it's looking pretty sweet so far. as we start off, temperatures will look like this, with some of the coldest weather expected in the north bay, with 39 in santa rosa and 38 in napa. and low to mid-40s for the south bay including almaden valley and gilroy. daytime highs will be around the mid and upper 60s around 4:00 p.m. on your afternoon, with a little bit of cloud cover in the 4:00 and 5:00 hours. thursday goes, temperatures will top out at 70 degrees.
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67 in san jose. and 67 in san francisco. on your three-day forecast, we do expect sunny skies right through friday, with near-70 degrees. even a little warmer through saturday with low-70s. mid-60s at the coastline. we should stay dry through sunday and monday. cloud cover starts to increase on tuesday. then, as we head throughout wednesday of next week, we'll also get in on more clouds moving our way with a storm system offshore that looks like it could bring us about a quarter to half-inch of rainfall as we head throughout late wednesday and also on thursday. so far, so good on thanksgiving. looks great. >> couldn't be better. >> he delivered. gobble gobble. >> extraer the can i for you. more legal time for cat williams. it follows his performance at oracle arena.
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not laughing tonight. nbc bay area has learned that a class-action lawsuit has been filed against katt williams and his promoter. the suit filed by a cryer chiropractor in the central valley. he wants a refund for him and the people who paid to see williams perform at the oracle arena. as you can see on this youtube video, an agitated williams heckled the crowd during a profanity-laced rant for some ten minutes before he was carried off by bodyguards. >> it's not about katt williams. it's about the people who spent their hard-earned dollars and spent their hard-earned time who expected a show. and should receive a show. irrespective of what may be going on in a performer's life. >> reporter: williams' strange stage behavior, not his only
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issue. williams is allegedly arrested for hitting a man with a bottle outside an oakland nightclub. we'll be back in a moment with sport s. okay, here's the plan. you have a plan? first we're gonna check our bags for free, thanks to our explorer card. then, the united club. my mother was so wrong about you.
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good evening. i'm brodie brazil. at noon, jim harbaugh publicly refused to name his starting quarterback for sunday's game against the new orleans saints. as you know and heard before a lot has changed since then. it will be colin kaepernick. we begin with the drama. alex smith reacted to the controversy at quarterback. >> anytime, the next guy steps up and plays, it's a good thing for the team. let's not get this wrong. we're in a position, it's a great thing. did it complicate things for me and colin. yeah. a lot gets written and talked about. only one ball. only one guy can be under center. you know, it's part of the deal. this is a good thing for this team. meanwhile, some drama in the nets/warriors game tonight. thompson had been cold lately. but here, he drains the trifecta. 23 points, 3 of 6 from the
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stripe. steph curry, the circus shot. curry had 25 points. david lee, he's a big man. but he can shoot from the elbow. 20 points, 13 boards. the warriors win 102-93. giants outfielder hunter pence earned the nickname the reverend for his pregame speeches during the team's world series run. now, it's the teammates turn for the impressions of him during the credits that were recently released in a world series dvd. >> today, boys, is a chance for us to make history. >> i don't care what they say about us. i don't care about them. it's about the guys in this room. >> nobody's been what we've been through. nobody will stand in our way. >> now, you guys, i would go out there and die for you. >> i want to play with you tomorrow.
11:27 pm
yes. >> that is really good. >> every time you get a filet mignon. >> every out. every inning. >> every time you have a piece of chicken, a piece of fish, you got to think win. >> is where you can check out more from that video. and of course, purchase it, the official world series dvd. no nhl highlights and probably none for the near future. the players association presented its latest proposal to the league in hopes of ending the lockout. it was rejected swiftly by commissioner gary bettman.
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even in the most difficult of times, thanksgiving can be very special. the family of injured giants fan, bryan stow, says it has a lot to be thankful for. about ten family members and
11:30 pm
friends will be with him to celebrate the holiday. and despite his skull and brain injuries after that brutal beating almost two years ago in the parking lot of dodger stadium, his mother says his health is improving. he can maintain conversations and is learning how to walk. the stows say they are very optimistic. we have a lot of things to be thankful for on our set. and our good fortune with the weather is one of them. >> we got so lucky. that red phone back in the weather center. i made the calls to get the weather cleared out. >> where is this red phone you speak of? >> we'll be serving up for tomorrow on thanksgiving, a huge side of sunshine. a little helping of some cloud cover. temperatures will be in the low to mid-50s by the noon hour. and inland, temperatures will be likely in the upper 60s to also even a few isolated low 70s. on the three-day forecast, plenty of deals out for the
11:31 pm
shoppers. 70 degrees. and small business saturday, either. it's looking good there. low 70s. we'll get cloud cover back to cooler temperatures by monday and tuesday. and next rain by wednesday and thursday. don't forget the macy's thanksgiving day friday on nbc. willard scott will be out there. our colleagues. >> like you specifically ordered the sunshine just for this weekend. >> of course. >> perfect. it's going to be awesome. i don't hear any complaints. >> some will have a four-day weekend. enjoy. it will be a lot of fun. and there's that little football game. >> a lot of football on nbc here tomorrow. parade in the morning. the football game at night. enjoy. don't eat too much. have a good time. >> you can't say don't eat too much. >> have a good time with your friends and family. thanks for joining us tonight. >> happy holidays.
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